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Eaglefire Secure Business

Regain control and stability so you can focus on your customers.
Eaglefire Secure Business is designed to streamline productivity and secure everything with Best-In-Class security protections.

Your business data is your business.
Own and protect it with Eagelfire Secure Business.

Secure Cloud
Based in America

With Eaglefire Secure Business, you get encrypted files and documents management, mutli-person video conferencing, a private office suite and much more. Together with our American-standard design, our own facilities, and BluRoan cyber security, your business can streamline productivity and improve legal protections.

Provide customers security and confidentiality

All your documents are securely stored and exchanged between employees, clients and partners with availability on all devices. You can provide them private professional audio and video communication, inter-office messaging, efficient collaboration, and support for large files.

Optimized Digital Sovereignty

Many businesses are moving away from Big Tech services. Eaglefire Secure Business is built from the ground-up to provide 100% individual control of all cloud services and data with proven independent open-sourced solutions. From strict encryption controls to your own public social network, Eaglefire Secure Business is made to be the most secure and efficient cloud investment for digital sovereignty.

Small Businesses get 58% of all cyberattacks.
Secure your business today.

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Made In The U.S.A.

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